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Echo Charging
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Ninad Joshi
India (भारत)
Shivam Srivastava
India (भारत)
Shivanand Kohalli
Shubham Sethi
Netherlands (Nederland)

Echo Charging

The challenge

The ongoing climate crisis due to global warming has raised a call for more greener solutions, Electric Mobility is one of them. There is a strong push and initiative by various governments across the globe to make a transition towards Electric Vehicles(EV's) but this has still not been able to get the traction which it should have. The reason for that is quite simple there is low demand from the consumer side, because of limited or no Electric charging infrastructure. Although people are aware of the environmental crisis, they want to make a transition but can't do it because there is a lack of EV charging infrastructure. Today, nearly 60% of the global population lives in Asia, which has densely populated cities and limited parking spaces. Implementing existing charging station technology that has high costs and land requirements involved simply makes adoption of EV's a far fetched dream. If we really want to make a transition to EV's, there is a dire need for an asset-light, low-cost solution.

The solution

The solution to this problem is our product "Echo" that democratizes the whole electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Echo is a low cost, asset-light solution that has no additional space requirements. It comprises a smart IoT socket and an App. All an EV user has to do is open the Echo app, check according to battery level estimates nearby charging outlets, scan the QR, charge the vehicle and pay after charge. The rest of everything will be taken care of by the Echo. Those who support EV charging outlets like restaurants, cafes, malls, and commercial parking places, etc. simply have to install a smart socket put it in usual power points, register with Echo app, enable socket for charging. For every unit user makes money. This solution empowers restaurants, cafe, farmers, commercial parking owners or anyone who has access to electricity can facilitate the charging of electric vehicles and make additional income for every vehicle charged.

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