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NeuroCapture- Drowsiness detection and alarm safety system for vehicles
Team info
Apoorva Arora
Netherlands (Nederland)
Rahul Vyas
India (भारत)

NeuroCapture- Drowsiness detection and alarm safety system for vehicles

The challenge

One of the major causes of road accidents is the drivers' sudden drowsiness. These accidents result in loss of life as well as property. Around 30% drivers admit that they felt drowsy at least once in a period of 30 days. There are around 6400 people which die from drowsy driving crashes in an year. Surveys and reports on vehicular safety suggest that driving with 4-5 hours of sleep can increase the chances of a crash by 5 times.

The solution

NeuroCapture- An EEG based Drowsiness detection and prevention system empowered by machine learning algorithms. With a sophisticated brain wave detection system, coupled with machine learning, NeuroCapture can detect well in time, when the driver is about to go in a sleep state. The response of brain waves to the state of drowsiness is the fastest, which-- NeuroCapture--captures and sets off a series of driver alarming mechanism such as sound, vibrations, upbeat music etc. to bring the driver out of the drowsy state.

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