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Team info
Stefan Lübke
Germany (Deutschland)
Laura Wevers
Netherlands (Nederland)
Amarins Tamminga


The challenge

The overarching challenge of unsustainable production has been around for a long time and the right time to solve had been back in the past. It is the root of a long list of global problems, be it climate change, plastic pollution or the economic global inequalities. Today, these threats are relevant in societies' discussions as never before. This is increasing awareness and the willingness to change behaviors. However, doing the right - consuming sustainably - is not that easy.

The solution

We believe that sustainable consumption should be easy, not hard. That is why ConsumAware allows every consumer to live a fully sustainable lifestyle. Our mission is to give consumers effortless access to the new digital sustainable economy. This starts by knowing what is actually behind your consumption. As a real-life purchase-based sustainability tracker ConsumAware, aims to empower customers to truly consume sustainable. A health tracker just for sustainability so to say. This way, we will put an end to greenwashing - to look sustainable, companies have to be sustainable.

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