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Tesseract Technologies
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Timothy Kramer
Netherlands (Nederland)
Kevin Baggers
Netherlands (Nederland)

Tesseract Technologies

The challenge

In the world of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, and then specifically 3D printers, there's a need for better high-speed positioning systems. Since nowadays, it takes several hours if not days for a single object to finish printing. This is due to the type of drive system that is being used. In this design, stepper motors drive pulleys, that are driving belts, which are in turn connected to a translating carriage. Even though the cost is low, this set-up has several draw-backs of which the limited stiffness of the belt is the major issue. This limited stiffness limits the accelerations and speeds.

The solution

A solution to these performance issues, would be to replace a belt-driven system with a direct driven system. The only drawback is the cost for these motors (price remains high, while either down- or upscaling the model). We tackle this issue, by optimizing our motors specifically for low duty CNC applications in order to reduce manufacturing costs. This allows for better accuracy and far higher print speeds optimized for our Tesseract Technologies 3D printer! For more information, please visit: https://www.tesseracttechnologies.com

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