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Eklavya: The Artificial Student
Team info
Nihar Sabnis
India (भारत)
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Chatbot Design, Conversation Design, Computer Science, Deep Neural Netorks.

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Eklavya: The Artificial Student

The challenge

There are thousands of online courses, tutors available. But there are no online students available. Peer Tutoring is the process in which you learn in the process of teaching others. This process cannot be replicated in the world because of constraints such as time, distance, scalability and so on. Moreover, the same concept can be used to evaluate teaching skills of professors and to be teachers.

The solution

The first step of the solution would be to create a chatbot with a learning mindset, which asks the relevant questions to the real world student. In the process of explaining the chatbot and answering his questions, the real world student learns.




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