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Tosti/Panini Vending Machine
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Stijn IJssel de Schepper
Netherlands (Nederland)
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We are looking for YOU of the following applies: You want to - Gain experience in the design, building and testing of the next generation vending machine - Develop new ideas for the next iterations of the product - Develop your creativity - Work on a disruptive innovation that can potentially serve millions of people - Have your name mentioned on the machine

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Tosti/Panini Vending Machine

The challenge

In Holland, most people eat bread during the day. Often home prepared in the morning, and taken to work or school in the bag. But more and more people appreciate the convenience and freshness of freshly prepared sandwiches or bread snacks at the local canteen, catering or supermarket. But all too often, these sandwiches are very expensive, or quality is simply too low because businesses try to cut corners on quality in order to compensate for high business expenses. Besides that, the business model of existing businesses requires the shops to close for a considerable amount of time, leaving a group of consumers unserved. Some of these people then retreat to a vending machine which is often filled with very unhealthy snacks that are packed with sugar and salt. That is, while at the same time we see a clear trend that people tend to gravitate more to healthy foods.

The solution

We propose to combine the best of both worlds. We propose a vending machine that can make (grilled) sandwiches fully automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because the vending machine concept is inherently scalable and does not have a large footprint, this solution can serve every group of costumers, wether they are in an officebuilding, at an event or any crowded place with space constraints. Because the machine is completely unmanned, we can provide the product at prices that can even compete with home prepared sandwiches.

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