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Nomadic chair
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Paula Werblicka
Poland (Polska)
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

-industrial engineering -business planning -finances knowledge - -open for other propositions

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Nomadic chair

The challenge

Multi-use, sustainable, mobile furniture, which would be really useful for people leading a lifestyle requiring a lot of travel, or the ones that appreciate smart design for recreation. Space saving, easy and fast to produce. Other possiblity for use is during potential mass global migrations in the future caused by climate change. Nomadic furniture would be a good solution to implement on a large scale. Small, mobile, foldable chair, could answer a lot of needs and philospohy could be extended to more products.

The solution

I propose a light, foldable chair, that could double up as a bag easy to carry around anywhere. Inspired by nomads from northern Africa and sitting by the table on cushions. A portable, light solution which doesn't negate comfort of use. By exploring simple mechanism, sitting position was designed to be different than traditional, hence sitting on a chair without legs was engineered to be comfortable and effortless.




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