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Clip Cup
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Neïla Ali-Chaouch
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- Industrial Engineering - Industrial Design - Finances knowledge - ? -> open to any other useful set of skills.

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Clip Cup

The challenge

Through Clip Cup we wish to tackle coffee cups' waste and therefore this simple item's great environmental impact. In 2017, 13.2 tons of cups were used by the TU. Despite an attempt at alleviating these numbers and the implementation of recycling bins throughout the campus, the situation is still not acceptable and highly improvable. Indeed, one of the issues with the recycling bin is that cups with waste in them can not be recycled. TU Delft has a model role, and improving the environmental efficiency of this simple aspect is a message to all that unnecessary harmful practices can be avoided.

The solution

Clip Cup has a simple solution: a reusable, foldable cup made out of bio-based plastic. The introduction of this item allows the removal of all single-use cups on the campus, and with it, their environmental impact. The cup is designed to be flat once folded (inspired by origami techniques), and so in order to be easily stored in wallets and bags, to encourage a maximum use. Clip Cups can be sold in vending machines, in TU Delft's shops, and at its restaurants and cafes. Regarding hygiene, a proposed addition to this idea is a basic rinsing station implemented in multiple places across the campus. We believe this is a promising project, as students and teachers seek efficiency, simplicity, many sustainability, and most already adopted the reusable water bottle.

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