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A Health Care Brand based on Tranditional chinese medicine
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Yang Zhang

A Health Care Brand based on Tranditional chinese medicine

The challenge

The majority of city workers in China are working for long hours and bear multiple pressure from jobs,housing, education, children and parents which causes lots of health and psychology problems to them. The improvments of the working environment could not catch up with the expanding of the companies. Heavily used air-conditioning, unhealthy takeaways replacing the normal 3 meals as the lack of time, etc. all of which make young generation of chinese are in the state of sub-health. They need a way to help them to better balance work and health, which should conform to 3 conditions: easy,convinient, and effective. According to a wide range of TCM health products on Taobao and its relatively high sales, while most of them are rough and bad quality,unbranded, there could be big market for TCM related products with a professional branding and marketing managements

The solution

Start a brand of small ,convinient health- related products(food, products, elctronics) based on the philosophy and idea of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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