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The TU Delft Ideation Contest 2019 enters the final stage. The top 20 has been announced!


Wauw, what a first edition this is: students have blown us away by presenting their – unprepared – pitch during the kick-off meeting, they’ve been chatting and speed dating with our partners as if it was an everyday job, and they’ve created their own business plans from scratch – well with a little help of TU Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship and our business panel. So, we must say that we are very impressed with each and everyone of you!

Via the many chats that were started in the first two months of the Contest students have grabbed the chance to introduce themselves and their project to our partners. But it was only until the speed dates where they actually got to meet for the first time. Rounding off to about 140 speed dates, we feel this was a great success!

As the final event of the first edition of the TU Delft Ideation Contest draws nearer and nearer, the selection jury had one final, and one might say impossible, task left.

It’s time to announce who will get the chance to impress the partners, the grand jury, and the rest of the audience. It’s time to announce who made it to the top 20. 
These projects and students will be battling for amazing opportunities and prizes during the final event on the 11th of June. Curious? Reserve your seat and don’t miss this spectacular battle https://www.tudelftcontest.nl/finale

Let us just say that selecting 20 projects was not an easy task and if you don’t see the name of your project below, this still means that you are doing a great job and we would like to invite you to join us again next year!
For now: congratulations to the following contestants with your well-deserved spot in the final:


Customized neck pain treatment device


Dr. Medical



Sleep quality of patients in hospitals

Sparky : Smart Parkinson's Monitoring Device


Wrist Mounted Shock Absorber

iDRIVE - Mobility Solutions using smart technology for efficient traffic grid










Gamification of Static Analysis Tools

Quantum Energy & Engineering








Finalists, please check your email to see which steps you’ll need to follow next!
Good luck and see you soon!

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