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Learning, developing and networking: the speed dates


Speed ​​dates TU Delft Ideation Contest


On May 10 the speed dates were organized in the beautiful Pulse building on the campus of the Technical University in Delft. After a long period of recruitment, development and selection, the top 40 projects were allowed to pitch themselves and enjoy helpful feedback from professionals. The Ideation Contest, known at other universities as the TU Contest, is being organized in Delft for the first time this year. The students will present their project to a company several times today. With the feedback, they have a chance to win a spot in the final. The goal for every project. In addition to a possible podium place, there is much to learn at this event. The students get to know their future sector better, discover career opportunities and get constant feedback on their pitch.


The day started with a plenary session. The large, open space with lots of glass and a grandstand was the ideal place for this event. Lino Thewissen (project manager TU Delft Ideation Contest) did the preface: at the TU Delft 182 students enrolled and 74 projects registered on the website! After explaining the rules of the game, Victor Scholten (assistant professor TU Delft) takes over. He is in the organization and has continuously guided and helped the students. He is very proud of the number of participants in this first edition. All companies are given a minute to present themselves. Who are they and what do they stand for? Big names are present. The police are also present: they look for inspiration and technological improvement and hope to find it among the students. ASML already has a nice message for the students: "come and work with us, make your vision ours".


In one of the interviews, Paul Luehrmann of ASML states that he is looking forward to it: he finds the input of the young people inspiring and valuable. Nele Valkeneers from the Ministry of Defence is also enthusiastic. She would like to help the students to "think in the right direction" in order to bring a great product to the market. Jeroen de Vrieze from VolkerWessels thinks that many students will end up in a completely different place than where they thought they would end up.

Jan Peter Doomernik from Nature 2.0 speaks passionately about the ways in which they can be of help: talking about dreams together, in order to achieve the unthinkable. It is a "two way learning experience," says Roxy van de Langkruis of the National Police.

Jaime Ascencio from student team Reefy is pleased that the companies take it so seriously. The members of Wundermind see the speed dates as an opportunity to open themselves up. They look forward to more of these opportunities. Also, the Dr. Medical team is very satisfied with today's feedback: they have learned a lot.


The atmosphere is positive: it was a very successful day. A lot of information was exchanged and there was a lot of talk during the closing drink. Beers are tapped, people laugh. Students and companies ask each other the last questions and discuss projects. The speed dates of the first edition of this event in Delft were more than successful.

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