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The TU Delft Impact Contest will continue (online)!


The TU Delft Impact Contest will continue (online)!

We don’t have to tell you that the current situation in the world is affecting us all and is challenging us to make adjustments. But we also know that when you challenge young people, the best comes out of them. For that reason, as you may know, we are continuing with the TU Delft Impact Contest! Here are the latest updates:

-> Networking Round
The teams can now collect recommendations from classmates, friends and family. The project with the most collected online recommendations will win the 'Online Audience Prize' of €250,-. So make sure you vote for your favourite team before the 4th of May! 

-> Workshops

We have a few workshops planned in April and May. On the 23th of April the workshop about Solution development & Customer involvement will take place online. The workshop on Lean Start-Up and Prototyping on the 30th of April as well as the workshop about Business model, Financials and the Pitch practice on the 7th of May will also be online workshops. We are looking at alternatives so everyone is able to participate and continue investing in themselves and the projects. You will still be able to register via your dashboard! 

-> Speed Dating event
The Speed Dating event will take place online on the 14th of May. Further information about how this will be organised, and what is required from the teams and partners will be provided at a later stage. 

-> Questions?
Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and reminders. If you have any questions, tips or something else you want to contact us about, please contact us via Whatsapp (+31 6 3809 0892) or email tudelftcontest@soapbox.nl.

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