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TU Delft Impact Contest

The TU Delft Ideation Contest continues and the top 40 has been announced!

The kick-off meeting with all projects and companies was a great success. Victor Scholten (Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship) introduced the TU Delft Ideation Contest in front of a crowded room with students and interested partner companies.

After the introduction, the companies were introduced to the students one by one. This was followed by the pitches of the students. In this way the partners and students could get acquainted for the first time. The enthusiasm among those present was high and the co-creation made its first steps.

Top 40
In total, more than 300 students created an account on our platform. More than 100 projects have registered for the TU Delft Ideation Contest and 70 projects made the first round and appeared on the website with their profile. 40 of these projects have made it to the next round and will now prepare themselves for the speed dates and training days to increase their chance of a place in the final.

In recent weeks, our partners have provided the participants with feedback by coaching them online. A total of 117 chats were started. The chat function is still open and can be used within the dashboard throughout the entire challenge! This high involvement of both parties led to a good result and solid basis for the speed dates on May 10.

We want to congratulate you all and wish you all the best!

Students who do not see their project among the top 40, do not worry, because you can still chat with the companies in order for your project to still grow. We hope to see you all again during the next TU Delft Ideation Contest!

Acoustic Smart Phone Speaker

Customized neck pain treatment device

Deep Dubbing

Dr. Medical

E-currency for a new educational system


Fashion fitting

Flashcard App


iDRIVE - Mobility Solutions using smart technology for efficient traffic grid


Modular Vertical Farming



Sleep quality of patients in hospitals

Sparky : Smart Parkinson's Monitoring Device

Stool 11

Susa Personal Finance

Wrist Mounted Shock Absorber






Designing with people, by the municipality of Delft: Case Delft Zuid

Drone delivery service



Gamification of Static Analysis Tools






Pole Pole

Quantum Energy & Engineering








Project name



Tjirp Food - Cricket Bitterballs


The projects are ordered randomly

Brilliant Idea? Join In!

TU Delft’s Ideation Contest has started. TU Delft students have until mid-May to submit their brilliant idea. They will then get support and advice for the finals in June.

The TU Delft Ideation Contest is a student competition for individuals and teams of up to six persons. You can submit your solutions for societal problems. The organisation is looking for innovations in the areas of energy, the built environment, food security and medical technology. The Contest is a proven concept at the Universities of Eindhoven and Twente which receive about 100 submissions a year. This year, TU Delft and Wageningen University are joining in. The national final is in June.

There are two levels in the contest.

  • The Ideation Award is for business ideas, solutions to problems or a vision of something you want to turn into reality. Submissions to this category are preliminary sketches, calculations, photos or descriptions of the idea.
  • The Prototyping Award is for advanced ideas in the form of a prototype, scale model or business plan.

The first 30 submissions will receive EUR 50. All finalists will be awarded EUR 250 to work on the presentation of their idea. The winners of the university final in both categories will be awarded EUR 5,000. There will be a national final after the summer.

Gertjan de Werk, an engineer at the Valorisation Centre brought the contest to TU Delft. “We need a lot of inspiration to deal with the transitions that await us. I see that the students have plenty of ideas and this contest gives them the chance to further work out those ideas.”

Many of the modules complement the contest well, De Werk says. He names Sustainability into PracticeClean Tech Business Study, and Ideation Contest.  Apart from the TU Delft Ideation Contest, there are comparable contests at the Universities of EindhovenTwente and Wageningen.

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