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Eco Bril
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Nihal Nama Ashok Kumar
India (भारत)
Aditya Kolari
India (भारत)
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Eco Bril

The challenge

The fashion industry is associated with huge levels of pollution and emissions in the environment. However, people are more eager than ever to keep up with the latest trends resulting in fast fashion practices. The green washing strategies these companies use, give customer a false sense of sustainability and hence encourages customers to buy more goods than required. The way you look and present yourself has a large impact on the way people perceive you. And wearing eyewear (which serves both functional and aesthetic purposes) does have an impact on this perception. However, customers are usually charged hefty prices for this commodity. This also increases the worry they face mainly due to the risk of damage/loss of such a highly used product. Additionally the high cost also prevents them from getting a new pair of glasses whenever they wish. Disposal of these eyeglasses is also quite problematic as the discarded ones usually end up in a landfill or the ocean.

The solution

Our vision is to make fashion more sustainable and sustainability more fashionable. With eyeglasses accessory as a start, we plan to bring traction to the sustainability aspect in the fashion industry. By changing the business model from buying products to a monthly subscription based service, circularity (reuse, refurbish, recycle) and sustainability in the entire value chain from cradle to cradle is increased. User can switch their eyeglasses without paying additional costs and do not have to worry about wear and tear. By using sustainable materials (like wood, bamboo, recycled plastic) and modularity in the design, the impacts on environment can be reduced drastically.

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