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USB type C Bi-Directional Converter for Rural Electrification
Jesse Echeverry
United States
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USB type C Bi-Directional Converter for Rural Electrification

The challenge

Rural Electrification. Providing power to people who are struggling with basic needs. Also, to ease their troubles and connect them to the world, (light at night, computer, phone). The reason that electrification is the root of the solution to all their problems is because it provides the opportunity for advanced education and economic development. Electrification allows for a community to develop and earn more money over time.

The solution

Provide an electrical infrastructure to the rural communities that is sustainable and has 100 percent clean energy sources that do not negatively affect their environments. Furthermore, we offer a pay as you go or step up approach for the people in these communities which means you can buy a solar home system (SHS) first and then climb up the electrification ladder as you gain more money over time.

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