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ZED Board
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Suryansh Sharma
India (भारत)
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

We would really appreciate having people who can help with business development and / or creative design. We can build, prototype and manufacture the technology behind the toolkit but require help with business case development and aesthetic and product design.

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ZED Board

The challenge

With the growth of IoT(Internet of Things) and wireless connected devices, there is a huge demand for creating small low cost wireless devices which can be connected to the internet. These devices require batteries which are not only expensive but also not sustainable. The field of battery-less IoT is fast developing and can enable solutions which work completely using ambient energy sources (think press of a button, wind, vibration or solar). We want to bring this technology into the hands of the common people empowering them to build upon their own ideas as well as enable more students, researchers to contribute as well.

The solution

We propose ZED Board (or Zero Energy Development board), an eletronics dev board which enables rapid, easy and convenient prototyping and development for wireless 'batteryless' applications (Like an arduino but completely wireless and battery-less). The toolkit comes with an integrated ecosystem which allows non technical people to use and build their own ideas using this technology. The software accompanying it makes it easy to program and allows freedom of creativity. The platform at the same time can be used by experienced engineers and researchers wanting to dive into this exciting new field.

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