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Suryansh Sharma
India (भारत)
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

We would really appreciate having people who can help with business development and / or creative design. We can build, prototype and manufacture the technology behind the product but require help with business case development and product design.

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The challenge

With the growth of IoT(Internet of Things) and wireless connected devices, there is a huge demand for creating small low cost wireless devices which can be connected to the internet. These devices require batteries which are not only expensive but also not sustainable. The field of battery-less IoT is fast developing and can enable solutions which work completely using ambient energy sources (think press of a button, wind, vibration or solar). We bring our expertise in Batteryless IoT developing complete solutions for companies. Without batteries, IoT products can be smaller, cheaper and requiring less maintenance.

The solution

We propose ZED (or Zero Energy Development), a B2B IoT solutions provider which enables companies to harness the potential of wireless 'batteryless' applications ranging from inventory and frieght management to predictive maintenance. We provide companies the ability to reimagine existing IoT solutions without pesky batteries. We also provide versatility in terms of the sources of energy harvesting which can conviently fit according to the client's needs. We specialize in customizing the solutions based on the client's needs and aiding in a seamless integration / deployment/

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