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Tim Smits
Netherlands (Nederland)
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The challenge

Millennials spend an average time of four hours per day on their smartphones, of which two hours are spent on social media. This has a huge impact on mental health, sleep and productivity. Smartphones were introduced to society a little over ten years ago. The technology is very young and has both very positive and quite negative consequences. Social media apps are designed to hook you because more time on their platform is more advertisement money for them. Smartphones have started to take over control, and we want to give that control back to you: we want you to regain control over your smartphone usage.

The solution

Unpluq helps you to regain control over your smartphone usage. Through combining a physical key and Android software, it enables you to decide when to transform your smartphone into a distraction-free device. With Unpluq you will be able to spend time on the things you find meaningful in life, since Unpluq enables you to focus without the distraction smartphones inevitably bring along. By detaching the Unpluq key from your phone, the software switches to Unpluq mode, in which only apps of your choice will be available and notifications of all other apps will be blocked. Yet when you make the conscious decision to plug the Unpluq key back in, you will have the functionality of your entire phone back.

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