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Solar Tree
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Segher Brons
Netherlands (Nederland)

Solar Tree

The challenge

A lot of businesses would like to operate more sustainably but there is not a fitting solution for them. For placing Solar Panels on your roof you have to meet a lot of requirements, for example a strong enough roof construction. A lot of companies can't meet this requirements which gives them no options to go sustainable. At the same time we see that the biodiversity in the Netherlands is lower than ever. Building wind farms, new residential area's and solar parks on grassland do not contribute positively to the biodiversity making the nature only more homogenous.

The solution

We believe for the energy transition there should be more sustainable solutions. The Solar Tree is such an extra solution giving more companies a possibility to invest into sustainable resources. The Solar Tree uses it's ground extremely efficiënt making it perfect for placing him in urban/sub-urban areas and generate zero-emission electricity. At the same time creates the solar tree with its friendly green character nature which helps restoring the balance in biodiversity.

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