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Carbon SweeP
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Ligin Thomas
India (भारत)
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Decent knowledge of bio-plastics but strong passion to create an Impact through your work. Supply Chain enthusiasts are welcome to join as well

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Carbon SweeP

The challenge

Plastic pollution, Climate Change and Unemployment are some of the challenging problem threatening our future.Is it possible to contribute to mitigating climate change and empower communities with employment opportunities at the same time while tackling plastic pollution? We believe so. We need cheap, durable and light materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable to replace our plastic. We realise an urgent need to enable, energise and empower the future.

The solution

A 100% Biodegradable and bio-sourced material from seaweed. Whether you require a material to replace single use plastics, packing your products or even bio-diesel, Carbon Sweep offers wide range of sustainable solutions at competitive price.

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