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NL Housing
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Shikhar Dev
India (भारत)
Louise Platell
Netherlands (Nederland)
Levy Kösters
Netherlands (Nederland)

NL Housing

The challenge

In today’s Dutch society, people have a hard time finding accommodation in the ‘big’ cities. This applies to students (domestic and international), immigrants and low-income renters. Because of urbanization, the demand for housing in big cities is exploding, while the supply is limited. On the other hand, surrounding rural towns have an increasing number of vacant spaces available for rent. This is a missed opportunity for owners as well as renters.

The solution

Unlike existing housing platforms that terminate the relationship once the renters and the owners have been connected, our platform interfaces between the two parties throughout the renters’ stay at a house. The platform populates houses in its network in exchange for a consistent supply of rent to homeowners. On the other side, the platform can provide a trustable network of houses to the renters in big cities as well as close-by towns. The platform provides home owners access to the international market, establishes trust between renters and the owners, and makes housing worry free for all of the stakeholders.

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