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Siraadj Salarbux
Netherlands (Nederland)
Daryll Lobman


The challenge

There are more than 10.000 different restaurants in the Netherlands. While visiting them throughout different cities you can either believe reviews on trip-advisor and hope you have the same taste as the people writing these reviews or you can do it a different way. Furthermore, there is no easy way to categorize your favourite places on the map and find them for later use. Munch has a different solution for you.

The solution

Imagine a web/mobile app where you can swipe through dishes. You can like them or dislike them. Add some filters for the area and the type of food so the chances of seeing good dishes become higher. Add your allergies so you don't see those dishes. You can click on dishes for more information and after matching you can easily reserve at the place or just label it and put its location on your map for later use. (Dishes always swipe right for you, no more rejection).

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