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Thomas Nooyens
Netherlands (Nederland)


The challenge

There is an ever increasing demand for consumer data coming from companies, while there is also an increasing awareness from the consumer about companies using their data without giving any compensation back to them. LemonSlice will provide a solution to both the companies wanting to extract useful and valuable data from consumers for their advertisements and product development, and to the consumers who want to be fairly compensated for the data which they provide to these companies.

The solution

LemonSlice is an app which enables companies to test advertisements, product ideas and brand preference on consumers who use the app. The data from these tests will also be connected to the personal information provided by the user, which can consist of basic information like age and height to more specialised information like salary and health condition. The user is given full control about what the data and information they provide to the app and to the companies. The user is also compensated for the data they provide, in the form of “Slices”. These "Slices" can then be exchanged for rewards as Amazon or Bol.com giftcards.

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