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Cristina Florensa Casals
Netherlands (Nederland)
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Business strategist

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The challenge

We already live within a digital revolution pushed by high tech and social media companies. The multiple services they provide keep us connected with limited possibilities to give up and instead keep on providing personal data while wasting our energy, time and values. Covid-19 seriously impacted at the workplaces. Companies became more descentralised and therefore digitalised. companies assume their employees should be reachable most of the time. Since devices are the mean to those things we can’t touch, we started to feel missing out aiming to reach those things. All of these are our vulnerabilities. Yuval Noah Harari talks about “attention crisis”

The solution

HONEXT, wraps your phone helping you to think twice before interacting with it providing you a more purpose-choice experience, and lowering down the unnecessary checkouts. With Honext, users will become more conscious about what matters to them and what are they are really looking for through their phones. Honext aims to offer physical & seamless solutions for those companies willing to improve the digital wellbeing of their millennial employees

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