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Equipment for Healthcare for Areas of Conflict and Crisis
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Asja Mucha
Macedonia (FYROM) (Македонија)

Equipment for Healthcare for Areas of Conflict and Crisis

The challenge

The main difference between healthcare in rural areas and areas struck by conflict or disaster in the developing world is the matter of urgency in treating the patients. Patients end up losing larger parts of their extremities due to improper or delayed intervention in the time frame between admittance and actual treatment. Proper fixation or protection of open fractures during this period can increase the possibility of preserving a larger part of the extremity healthy and functional post-intervention and can prevent the development of infections, ultimately improving the quality of life of the patient post-intervention.

The solution

The proposed solution is a tool that would allow for temporary fixation and protection, primarily of open fractures, in the period between first being admitted by medical personnel until the admittance at a more advanced medical facility where definite treatment will be given. The goal is to prevent further damage to the fracture and protection from possible infections during the time of waiting or transportation. The tool would be adapted for use by non-experts and would be reusable, with an aim for local manufacturing and service to reduce the cost.

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