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Using canal infratructure for city logistics.
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Pieter van de Ven
Netherlands (Nederland)
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Legal, financial and marketing.

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Using canal infratructure for city logistics.

The challenge

Looking at the city of Delft, we have an ideal canal infrastructure to supply the horeca and collect all the waste from both businesses and domestic. Now all that is transported via Diesel powered trucks who are clogging up the narrow streets occupied by bikes and tourists.

The solution

The use of a system of electric (excursion) boats that are used to dispose of waste via the canals in the city center of Delft. I would like to explore this with the municipality of Delft and start a pilot. In addition, collaborate with collection heroes. We could use the current tour boats, which have nothing to do a big portion of the year. Horeca would be the first step because of the delivery of drinks (heavy) and collection of waste.

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